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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?
Little By Little travels to homes and daycares in Cranford, Clark, Colonia/Avenel, Rahway, Edison, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Watchung, South Plainfield.  If your town isn't listed, contact us and we will let you know if it is within our travel area. 

Do you take traditional insurance?
Little By Little is out-of-network with all major insurances.  During our free 15-minute phone consultation, we can discuss this process. 

What is the difference between a speech therapist and speech-language pathologist?
There is no difference!  The formal title is Speech-Language Pathologist.  You may come across the abbreviation, SLP.

Are you part of Early Intervention?
No- Little By Little is a private practice.  If you are seeking the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS), the toll free contact # is 888-653-4463.

What is the evaluation and treatment processes like? 
Contact Little By Little for a free consultation, explaining your concerns.  Complete the full medical history paperwork and send to us prior to your first session.  The therapist will complete an initial evaluation using formal and informal assessments to determine goals for therapy.   Once the initial evaluation is complete, therapy will begin (typically on a weekly basis), and usually at the same day and time which is mutually agreed upon between the family and therapist.  

Do you accept speech and language evaluation reports from other facilities?
Yes, as long as the evaluation was completed within one year.  Typically, we complete our own formal and informal evaluations regardless of previous therapy to ensure that we are all working toward the most appropriate goals for the individual. 

I work full-time.  Do you offer sessions at my child's daycare or caretakers house?
Absolutely!  Be sure to find out all necessary requirements (i.e. identificaton, criminal background check if needed). 

Do I need a prescription from my pediatrician?
It is best practice to obtain one from your pediatrician, even if your out-of-network benefit does not require one. 

Does my child need a hearing test prior to speech therapy?
Speech/language and hearing go hand in hand.  While a hearing test is not required,  if there are suspected hearing concerns, the speech language pathologist will make the necessary referrals.  We will not delay speech therapy just for the hearing test.

Do you offer afternoon/evening time slots?
There are some afternoon/evening time slots that are available, but limited. 

What types of payments do you accept?
Flexible Savings Account (FSA), Healthcare Savings Account (HSA), check, cash, credit card, Zelle.  As a courtesy, all card fees are waived. 


My child is very shy.  I'm not sure if he/she will cooperate. 

We use a child-centered, family-centered approach and always start our sessions off with connection!  We use a variety of toys, songs, books and age-appropriate activities to ensure that the child feels as comfortable as possible.  Some children warm up to use more easily than others.  We do our best to make sure the child feels safe and secure with a family member present. 


How do I organize my home to prepare for speech therapy?

No need to change anything!  As long as we have a rather quiet space, we can adapt any natural environment into a productive, work/play space.  For preschool aged children, a small table and chairs is helpful, but not necessary. 

Do you provide homework?

Yes.  We provide routine-based strategies to help parents adjust their daily routines to support speech and language development.  

How long are sessions?

We offer one hour, 45 minute, and half hour sessions based on family interest, the child's needs, and therapist availability.  


How long will my child need speech therapy?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked.  The answer is based on many factors, including any diagnoses, the child's goals, consistency of speech therapy, family involvement, child's overall stimulability, and more.  Some children need speech/feeding therapy for a short period of time.  Other children have several goals that they are working on, which may require more time and frequency.  Therapy is not one-size fits all solution.  Rather, it is tailored to each family's need. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

Little By Little understands the many obligations that other families have.  Children get sick, appointments need to be made, etc.  We ask that if you must cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can adjust our schedules accordingly.  Consistent no-shows or last minute cancellations may lead to forfeiture of the therapy timeslot. 

Can my child receive speech therapy through Early Intervention or through school and still receive speech therapy through Little By Little?

Absolutely.  Many families wish to supplement their school-based, ABA therapies, or other therapies with private speech therapy. 

Would you collaborate with my child's other therapists?

Definitely!  Part of our role as therapists is to dicuss findings and strategies with other therapists with the clients' best interest in mind.  We ask for all families to sign a release for consent to discuss with other professionals. 

Can a SLP diagnose any medical conditions or developmental disabilities?

No.  A SLP may only diagnose disorders pertaining to speech, language or feeding skills.  If the family is seeking additional information pertaining to their child's development, the SLP will make specific referrals. 



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