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Little By Little 

Speech, Language and

Feeding Therapy

 Making strides with communication and mealtimes,
one small step at a time. 

Meet Christina

Speech-Language Pathologist

Christina Crawford has over 12 years of experience as a NJ licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.   Her most recent clinical work experience included being a part of a multidisciplinary pediatric rehabilitation department, working closely with other highly skilled Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists (OT's) , Physical Therapists (PT's), and educators.  She also has vast experience working in the NJ Early Intervention System completing evaluations and providing one-on-one treatment. 


As a mother of two children, she understands both the joy and the challenges that come with speech and language development and mealtime routines. Christina meshes her professional background and extensive professional development with her own personal experiences as a parent to develop her treatment plans.   She values parent training and involvement and uses a whole-family approach to each therapy session, in hopes that speech development and mealtime routines can be a little less stressful for all. 

Christina graduated from Seton Hall University in 2009, earning a Magna Cum Laude award, with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education.  In 2011, she graduated from Seton Hall University, achieving the Academic Award for academic success, with a Master's of Science in Speech-Language Pathology.  She currently holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. 




5 stars aren't enough, Christina deserves all the stars.  My son (almost 4 1/2) was having issues with solid foods and within 3 months of feeding therapy with her, he was able to eat everything.  "He is a foodie now".  Christina is professional and handles kids well.  We can't thank her enough. 

- A.E. 

“You were always so amazing with our families!"

- NJ Early Intervention Service Coordinator

Everyday when my little guy is eating, I remember the feeding sessions with you.  He is doing so well!  He is eating a good variety of food compared to a few years ago.  And I THANK YOU for that.  He eats broccoli, carrot, frieds, steak, eggs (scrambled, omelette), rice, salmon, tilapia, chicken salad sandwich, cheese and turkey sandwich and a lot more.  He is doing great in school as well... last year he made it to the Elementary Honor Society".  

- B.L.

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